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Mojo, Roots Manuva (Blur, Damon Albarn)

Mojo Magazine

●latest issue of Mojo - Back on The Rollercoaster Tour ’92(via)
●How To Buy... Blur & Solo(via)

Clash - Age & Wisdom: Roots Manuva

How about future collaborations? Are you and Damon Albarn back in the studio working together again?
- Yeah there's a lot of ideas that we've had bubbling, the collaborative efforts are definitely something that there will be more of this year.

What's it like working with such an amazing and versatile artists like Damon?
- Damon is a special character he kinda blew away because he was still into music. I've worked with loads of people over the years and not everybody is into music as you would think, it's like a full-time job to really keep up or be interested in new music. Damon's thing with working with international artists and running his own label was pretty mind blowing because he's putting out records, he's signing records, he's making records, he's putting on these events and creating all kinds of vehicles from The Gorillaz's to just his own solo work to the Blur records. It's like he's constantly throwing it up against the wall and then having time to do things with all kinds of different people at all levels so it was really inspirational. And it wasn't just token, as well as me going to Damon's studio to do stuff for Gorillaz he would then come to my studio with my band and try to do stuff for me. Within what we created some of it will appear on Gorillaz album, some of it will be stuff that I thought I did for me and it appears on Martina Topley-Bird's album. You just never know what to expect with Damon and whenever the result comes back it's always a nice surprise, it's good on so many levels.(via)

by nide_radio | 2013-03-01 18:00 | BLUR


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